“We are really happy with the childcare provided for our boys by Monkey Puzzle staff at Uxbridge.  We feel the staff are great with the children and provide them with lots of fun activities, love and care. We have seen both of our children develop hugely and we feel that Monkey Puzzle have played an immense part in this. Monkey Puzzle provide a great update on the learning journals and also a daily update when picking up the children which helps us feel part of their days. It’s great to also hear our boys tell us about the different activities they have taken part in and speak highly of the staff. Management play a big role at Monkey Puzzle.  Alex is a great nursery manager, we have a great relationship with her.  She is always very accommodating of any concerns or questions we may have.  We feel very comfortable speaking to her, she always takes things on board and always remain approachable. Even when our youngest son started at nursery, it was Alex who he would feel comfortable going too, Alex takes on her position as manager but also maintains a great relationship with the kids.  A Big thanks to all the staff at Monkey Puzzle.” Ramandeep & Indy Bhogal

I am emailing my gratitude to all the staff members but in particular Alex. She has been nothing but amazing to me and my daughters – I hold her to such high regards. Reason being she understands the process of being a parent and all the trials which circulate it on a daily basis. She is always there in the morning, happy and engaged with my daughters. Talking to them with reference to knowing what they are about and in to at the current moment in time – I have noticed she always takes a personal interest in us the parents and what each any every child does. I feel this has helped my daughters to form a strong, trusting and fruitful bond with her. I’m also grateful for the extensive work she does with the children – my daughters have learnt so much through her and her teachings. Her polite and positive, caring manor has enabled my daughters to bring that same ethos home.

Alex is such an important member of the team but I also feel she has a place in my youngest daughter’s heart, each day she reaches for Alex. I know she is being looked after and taught with the same ideals as our family, Alex cares for her as if she was her own and I really appreciate that. She is strong, assertive, caring, positive and fun – and being fun is the most important one!  Hema Champaneria

My daughter Natalia Grama joint Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge in October 2021. This is when we met Alexandra Ciurla-Dari.

As a nursery manager she is so involved and helpful with every aspect of the settling process. Alex was warm and welcoming with Natalia and she helped her settle so quickly, it really put my mind at rest. Alex gave me a lot of confidence and security that my daughter is in safe hands and well look after.

Alex is always so accommodating and always happy to help and give me advice.  As a first-time mum is great to have the help and expertise of a professional which Alex is.

I believe the nursery is very well organised and as parents we are all kept in the loop of what is going on.

My daughter is always so happy to be there and have so much fun. Peppa Grama

I never had intended to send my son to a private nursery, but as soon as i met Mrs. Alex on the show around day, I knew I would be placing my son, within this beautiful family called Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge.

Mrs. Alex  is truly a gift for each child and the nursery. She set up both the pupils and nursery for success, getting them ready for next steps and beyond.  Her methods and creativity, engage them all at their own independent levels, and truly make them flourish. It is incredible, that the genuine belief she has in Monkey Puzzle, motivates them all, to take on, new challenges and conquer any obstacle. She sees them all, listens to them, making them feel their worth.

My son is having a great time and learns so much every day. I could not be happier nor appreciative to Mrs. Alex for this experience. Now, that we are nearing the end of the school year, my level of satisfaction with the choice I made for my son 3 years ago is off the chart. The only sad part of us leaving to school in September is that Andy won’t have you all around him anymore. Thank you, Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge! Mihaela Petras

To all the wonderful team at Monkey Puzzle. Just a quick email to thank you to everyone for making the lead up to Christmas this year so special for the children. Although this year again has been very tough, we cannot thank you all enough for your support and hard work throughout the year. Especially the girls on the toddler and preschool floors which our boys just adore. The boys loved their gifts, the books, thank you. You can count on us again for our support next year. Which will be Archie’s last before starting school in September…we can’t believe it. We wish you all a restful and safe festive break with your families and loved one. Hayley, James, Archie & Max Herriotts.

Dear John, Sukhy and all the staff at Monkey Puzzle.

You continue to be superheroes in our eyes.

The joy and love that the staff give Bonnie is a testament to Monkey Puzzle. Bonnie continues to flourish at nursery.

Your hard work to ensure the safety of the children during other year of covid has offered such reassurance in these crazy times. The Humbley’s

I cannot thank you all enough for all you’ve done for my son. Leo loves being at Monkey Puzzle and he is happy pretty much every morning. We couldn’t have got through this tough year without you. I told Sian this morning, and got very emotional, but she is so special to Leo and I will always be grateful to her (and indeed to other staff who have taken care of Leo) for her love towards him. Thank you to a wonderful team, who all deserve a brilliant festive season and a very happy new year! Indy & Mark Cross

My daughter Asiya is currently busy doing her settling in days at Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge and I just thought I would drop you a message to commend your staff. First the welcome we receive every morning from Alexandra is just amazing and all the staff members who open the door have all been friendly. Second the security, the door gets shut every time they open it when puts me at ease knowing how much of a priority security isShekina is Asiya’s keyworker and I can tell how nurturing she is.

Thank you to your staff for making Asiya’s first few days so special, I can tell it’s a place where she will be flourishing and developing. Zaida

We feel so lucky to be able to send our boys to monkey puzzle Uxbridge. Our eldest is in his last year and we will be so sad when he leaves. The staff are a just incredible and know all the families and children personally. Every day the children do such creative activities which has bought on their leaning leaps and bounds. The food is varied and the boys love what they are given every day. Cannot recommend Monkey Puzzle enough. Hayley & James Herriotts

We are absolutely thrilled with the care and the wonderful support that Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge showed to our little toddler. Being a lockdown had baby, we were nervous that she would adapt slower to nursery and being with other children. All the staff at Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge are just delightful and helped our daughter feel loved and eased her in adapting to the new surroundings while having lots of fun and making more friends. This made it so much easier for us parents knowing that she is happy and learning many things while she is there. Her development has been extraordinary since she started nursery and she is not even two years old. We are very grateful for all the staff at Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge! Fana & Joe Sunley-Smith

We are very grateful that we have found Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge. Before we came here, we looked at other nurseries in Uxbridge., but we knew straight away that Monkey Puzzle was the right choice for our son. We liked what we saw, how the staff were interacting with the kids, and we felt very welcome when we first came there. Our Son started on the toddler floor in 2020 and is currently a pre-schooler. It is incredible, how much he has learned at Monkey Puzzle in one year only. The staff played a huge part in our son’s development. We love how engaged they are and how much they care about our son’s well-being. Everybody at Monkey Puzzle is exceptionally caring, loving, and professional. Also, we don’t know how they do it, but they constantly keep coming up with new and creative ideas how to entertain the kids. It’s a place where we leave our son without having any concerns that he will not be treated the way we would want it to. We cannot recommend Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge highly enough! Nathalie & Mathias Kaufmann

“Lyla has enjoyed her time so much with you all. She started at 10 months old and has thrived ever since. She always comes home really happy and excited to share with us about her day, which always made it feel easy for us to send her to nursery. She made really close bonds with the staff and some of the children and I know she will miss you all. Thank you for looking after our little girl”
Leanne & Chris Marlow

“Thank you so much everyone for helping and supporting Kenny the last 2 years. We are so incredibly grateful to every single one of you. We will miss you all.”

Michelle Hancox

“To John and Sukhy: Thank you for everything you have done for our children! You and your team have given them the best start!”.

Chaz & Ranj Chana

“I cannot thank you enough for all the support and help you have provided to both Yuvraj and myself. I will most definitely miss our chats with you all and so will Yuvraj, he will miss his time at MP.”


“Thank you so much for taking such fantastic care of Kieran. He has learned a lot and made wonderful friends and I will always be grateful to you for all you have done.”

Shimona & Geoff Head

“Your care and support of Isaac has meant so much to us over the last two and a bit years. You have helped Isaac overcome so much. All of your good work will not be forgotten. You will not be forgotten. As Isaac begins his school journey, it will be on the wonderful foundation you have created. We will miss you, Isacc will miss you. Thank you so much. “

James & Tracy Roach

Please can you pass on our thanks and praise to everyone on toddler floor. Kenny’s transition after a few months off last Summer was challenging as he was getting used to going back to nursery as well as going back to a new room with new people. The staff on toddler floor were so supportive during this time, and throughout the year. Sadia, Denisa, Sian, Deborah and Rebecca to name a few. Sadia especially, Kenny always speaks about Sadia and we can’t thank her enough for helping him transition. Kenny has developed so much this past year, his speech, his confidence as well as toilet training. We cannot thank the team enough for driving and supporting him, and us, in what has been a very busy and strange year for us all (Including welcoming a new sister!). Thank you again. Michelle Hancox

We just wanted to say a huge congrats to Deepa on her new role. Deepa was pivotal in us choosing Monkey Puzzle as Kenny’s childcare provider. She was so warm and welcoming when we first visited back in August 2018. And the fact she knew all the children’s names impressed me greatly. Deepa has been amazing and so supportive throughout Kenny’s time at Monkey Puzzle. Michelle Hancox

Dear Members of Monkey Puzzle Family,

I’d like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for taking such good care of me and helping me grow into a smart, healthy and confident human being!

I will always remember the tasty meals prepared by the nursery chefs, the love and cuddles from Denisa, Sian, Sadia, Rebecca, Deborah, Emily and the help and advices from Deepa, Jana, Manika and Cristina!

John and Sukhy, you have the most amazing nursery in the world and we can’t thank you enough for getting us through the unforgettable and toughest tear-2020!

With you all the brightest and happiest future.

With lots of love,
Sasha and his parents

Monkey Puzzle is an exceptional nursery, and with all these uncertain times they gave my daughter the one thing that kept on going. Having fun with friends. She has become from a little shy to speak girl to a more confident speaking toddler. They have given her the ability to express herself, and guide her. We had already had experience with the nursery from my other daughter who is now in primary school and benefitted a lot from the plays and guidance they have given to her. Monkey Puzzle makes the food onsite which is a great benefit, so you can be assured that they get the best. They are the best nursery. Wijnanda Benneker

My daughter started attending Monkey Puzzle since September 2020 and I am delighted to say it was a very good decision. Staff members are very friendly, activities are creative and appropriate to the child’s level and they have meals cooked on-premises. I love it and so does my daughter. Alicja Garbino

My son, who is now 3 years old, has been attending this nursery since he was 1. I would highly recommend Monkey Puzzle Day Nursery as I feel my son has grown and developed so much since starting there.  Mandeep Diocee

This nursery is amazing, the staff are all so warm and welcoming. My daughter started with them at 5 months and instantly loved it, she’s now almost 2 and runs in happily every day. They’ve been wonderful in the way that they’ve coped with the pandemic, always putting the children’s welfare first. I can’t recommend them highly enough!  Cecilia Taplin

Our son has been in Monkey Puzzle Nursery since a year old. We like the following facts about our nursery:

– that there are different floors for each group of kids. During COVID it proved as a good safe measurement.

– In the toddler section, there is a separate area for the nap time during daytime.

– Outdoor area is so spacious and has so many entertainments for any child age. Every member of staff (across all floors) knows the name of my son. They are very caring and responsive to parents’ requests. They truly live and practice the statement: home away from home. Very individual approach to each child. Our son is very tactile, and he never lacks a hug and proper cuddle from the Monkey Puzzle family. We get prompt communication about activities kids are doing during the day. We are also encouraged to do the same at home to keep in line with the development. We would highly highly recommend Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge.  Elena Achkasova

An amazing nursery. The staff are wonderful, living and caring. We are never worried when we drop our daughter in the morning, as we know she is in safe hands. When we pick her up after the day she is always so happy and excited. It doesn’t matter if she has been there the whole day, or just for morning sessions, she is always happy. We would not have asked for a better nursery. So glad she is there.  Magdalena Starzyk

Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge has such a warm learning environment for children, and I have seen my daughter continue to thrive. The staff are all lovely and show such compassion and care towards the children. I know my daughter loves going to nursery, for the activities, imaginative play, cultural education and for the friendships she has been encouraged to develop. The management staff are also there to answer any questions you have and are in regular contact with any need to know matters. I have and will continue to recommend Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge. Amy Humbley

My son has been at Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge for 2 and a half years and he has always been very happy there. During this time we have felt very supported as a family and safe in the knowledge that our son is well looked after, educated, loved and happy whilst he is at nursery. He has participated in so many activities that he enjoys including sports, dance, music and Spanish and he has been nurtured through a few key stages of development when he needed to be guided and understood to help his confidence or behaviour. We have never had a cause for concern and the levels of care and service have remained very high throughout this time. The nursery is always well organised, clean, safe, well maintained and the management are professional, caring and available. This doesn’t just feel like a business but a very successful and well run family effort in which every member of the community is valued and looked after. I am very thankful to all of the team and cannot speak highly enough of them all.  Sarita Carleton

My little boy started at Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge January 2018 when he was 1 year old. Currently, he is in pre-school and we have seen him blossom, his speech and confidence has grown! He is a character, he’s known for being a bright spark and very funny. I must thank all the staff at the nursery for all their constant hard work, patience and support. My son and other children in the nursery’s care are always happy and excited to attend, this makes us as parents feel reassured to know that our children are very happy to be in a learning environment with their friends/peers. The staff are caring, friendly and loving and I know for certain that my son and other children are well looked after! The nursery also provides healthy and freshly cooked meals and snacks, it’s great to know the children are eating well too! Pratima Beghi

Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge is beyond excellent. The staff are amazing, super friendly, exceptionally caring, professional, and very passionate about their job and the kids. Our son started at Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge some weeks before his second birthday. It took him a few months to fully settle and to feel comfortable around other kids. But thanks to the wonderful teachers of Monkey Puzzle, he is getting more and more confident every day and just loves it there. The management and office staff are super professional too. They are very polite and we usually receive answers on the same day when we sent them an e-mail. Let me also add that the way the nursery handles the Coronavirus crisis is excellent! If you are looking for a nursery with caring and professional staff, a place where your child is treated well and where you can have peace of mind Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge is what you are looking for! We cannot recommend them highly enough!  Natalie Kaufmann

Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge is a phenomenal daycare. From the moment we stepped in, they were immediately warm and welcoming. My son has been going there for 3 years and he has flourished in this ‘family feel’ environment. The staff are wonderful and are always open for conversation, empathetic, real and friendly. The day-to-day activities, stimulation and knowledge they demonstrate is wonderful. They work so hard to ultimately foster love, patience and kindness in the children. Most importantly, I don’t have to question what type of care my son is getting as I know in my absence he is being loved, nurtured, comforted and allowed to grow, learn and explore in a warm and caring environment every day. We are so extremely grateful that Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge has been a ‘home away from home’ for my son, as I am sure it’s the same for all kids who attend there. Truly grateful for everything they do for my son. Wasan Talal

My little girl loves it here. She gets to do all kinds of different things and celebrates lots of different events and festivals. One thing that we particularly love is the external sports teacher they bring in weekly – my little girl talks about that non-stop and it has meant we now encourage her to do sports outside of nursery. She talks so fondly of all her teachers and chats about her friends all the time. Leanne Marlow

“I wanted to send a note of gratitude for everything you have done in this extraordinary year. You have been so flexible and understanding. You have cared for our children while we (most of us!) have worked from home. You’ve given Ralphie a sense of normality, a space to learn and play and an opportunity to socialise with other children during this difficult time. We are so grateful for your support.” Becca

“We would like to thank you all for a great year, professional approach with managing the nursery and your attention and care to the children! Despite such a challenging year Monkey Puzzle been such great support to us as parents! We wish you and your families health, prosperity and happiness this festive season and in a new year!” Elena & Richard

“We are extremely happy with the service the team at Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge provide and we highly recommend to others. This is reflected in the regular feedback we aim to give. We find each member of the team so welcoming and friendly to parents as well as children. Our child is always so happy returning from nursery and always speaks so fondly of the staff and other children that attend. Communication is also excellent across the team, whether it be relaying daily feedback, communicating notices or responding to any queries/questions. The staff are genuinely interested in the welfare and development of our child. We are particularly impressed with how the nursery has handled the pandemic over the last year or so. We can’t thank the staff enough for being so supportive and in general, so amazing. Thank you!”

“Many thanks once again for your continued support. Ricky and I could not be happier with the care Kenny receives at Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge. It is such a joy to see how happy he is at pick up and how much he has developed since joining. Please pass on our thanks and praise :)” Michelle

“Our sincere thanks to you all for your care and support this year. You have all been truly incredible right throughout the year and the pandemic. Such careful planning, amazing activities, safety measures, caring team and very happy kids. Sophie absolutely loves going and seems to be thriving and so happy as are we! Thank you.” Kerryn & Michael

Excellent nursery. Incredibly caring about their children. Great leadership team. Staff are always lovely and friendly. Focused on giving the best experience for your little ones. Always doing fantastic fun and educational activities. I have sent both my children here and they always had/have a great time. Rebecca Smith

“Thanks so much for a wonderful year with you. We could not be happier there that’s to you and your wonderful team. It’s been amazing to see Sophs grown and thrive there, so many fabulous activities and learning opportunities. Thank you to each and every one of you.” Kerryn

“I just wanted to say thank you to the baby room team for yesterday, Georgia got some of her dinners on her clothes and the ladies hand washed her top for me to prevent any stains. It can be hard working full time and being a mum this was very much appreciated.” Stacey

“Isla’s been so comfortable with you guys prior to the first lock down, and she has progressed so much, I honestly cant thank you all enough.” Charlene Pearce

“Thank you very much for everything you do and for supporting us during this difficult time. You are amazing” Magdalena, Vanessa’s mum

“To Rebecka, Roshni, Manika, Alex, Jordanna, Shekina, Abbie and the whole Babyroom floor!

Thank you so, so much for taking care of Henry. He loves being at nursery and its all down to you!

Its onwards and upwards to the toddler floor now, but he will miss you so much.”

From Sarah, Tom and Henry X

“To all the amazing ladies in the Babyroom

Thank you so much for all the love and care you have shown Bonnie this last year.

She really does have the best time at ‘school’ and the support you give her in all that you do is helping Bonnie become more confident in all she does as she grows.

Thank you all so much”

Amy & Adam

“Dear Monkey Puzzle

Thank you so much for helping shape Jonah into the wonderful boy he is and continues to be. We knew straight away that your nursery would be just perfect for him and are pleased that he was one of the first children to start with you.

It is such a shame that he couldn’t finish pre-school with Monkey Puzzle and graduate with his best buddies. But with all your input he has settled in very well at his new nursery teachers. From the management, through all the nursery teachers, the ethos at Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge shone brightly; with providing a nurturing, stable and fun environment that developed their inquisitive minds.

Thank you and we will update you with his progress”

Best wishes Victoria, Ben and Jonah

“Dear Sukhy & John

Thank you for creating this place that kids love and where they are learning to grow and develop as incredible little humans.

With love”

Mya Voorwinden

“To everyone in the Babyroom

Thank you ever so much for all that you did for Carson for the last year! He misses you all so much”

Maxine, Kenny and Carson xx

“To all the wonderful teachers in the Babyroom

Thank you so much for all your incredible hard work in looking after Arav! It is such a blessing to know he is left in good hands and having so much fun with you all.

You are all so amazing and we appreciate it!

We will miss the Babyroom!

Lots of love”

Arav, Amandeep & Aman xxx

” To the Babyroom Team – Thank you for nurturing Viaan. He has learnt so much and with your welcoming presence each day, Viaan looks forward to coming to nursery! Now he is leaving the Babyroom, we’ve come to realise how much of a big boy he has become. We cannot begin to imagine how to thank you all for the wonderful experinces Viaan has gained in his first year at Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge.

On to the next stage which we are looking forward to, although we will miss the baby room!”

Satpal, Bhuvinder and Viaan xxx

” We cannot begin to imagine how to thank you for all the wonderful experiences Viaan has gained in his first year here.”


“I would also like to add how appreciative we have been of how easy the team have made this whole process, it’s very reassuring to know that Harry is being well looked after!”


As today is Hannah’s last day at Monkey Puzzle, I would like to take this moment to thank and acknowledge the love, care and dedication shown by Monkey puzzle staff towards the care of development of Hannah.

“Even though Hannah was at Monkey Puzzle only for a few months, we were amazed at the physical, mental and emotional development she was able to achieve. We thank Manika, her caretaker from the bottom of our hearts. Manika you are so passionate in the way you care for Hannah, She is going to miss you”.

Thanks for everything, you are your staff have been awesome.

Maulik & Annie

“Dear Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge

Prem started big school on Monday and he’s missing you guys already! Thank you to all the team who made his baby years so nice for him and cared for him. We will truly never be able to thank you all enough.

With all my best wishes to each and everyone of you for now and the future.”


“Ricky and I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for Kenny’s birthday card and present last week, it was very sweet. Also, thank you for the lovely Father’s Day card and gift. And also for taking care of Kenny when he had a temperature and was a bit grumpy earlier this week. We’re really happy that Kenny is at such a fab nursery. Thank you again!”

Michelle & Ricky

“To all the wonderful team at Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge

Thank you for caring so wonderfully for Hugo over the last year. He has had such a great (and messy) time and I have seen him learn and develop and make lots of little friends!

It is therefore with great sadness that he moves to a new nursery. I hope he likes it as much as Monkey Puzzle! I wish I could move the nursery closer to our new home so he could stay with you all.

We will miss you all!”

Love Danielle, Chris & Hugo xxx

Dear Sukhy and John,

Wishing you both a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

I am grateful to you both for providing us with a daycare where by I feel at ease and peace to leave the most important person in my life.

Thank you – All our love,

Wasan, Mo and Ramy

Thanks for letting me know and congratulations to Roshini Silva on her promotion!

I will miss Natalie when she goes off on maternity leave…she has been amazing with settling Arav into the baby room. As have all the lovely girls in that room! They all fill me with confidence that he is going to be okay when I drop him off and his key worker is lovely! Monkey Puzzle really do have a fantastic team! My superheros when mommy has to work!

See you soon!


Dear Deepa,

We are very happy to learn Roshni has been promoted. She has been very special to our Julia – a loving and caring key person, spoiling her and giving loving and attention.

We wish Roshni all the best in her new professional challenge.

Kind Regards


“Dear John, Sukhy, Deepa & the entire team at Monkey Puzzle,

Just wanted to say thank you so much for Yuvraj’s birthday gift & card. You all made his birthday very special.

A huge thank you to Yasim, Sulaiha & the ladies on the toddler floor for accommodating us (I appreciate it’s not always easy with all the other children).

Cannot thank you all enough.

Kind regards”


“Dear  Everyone at Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge – Myself, Adam & of course Rose would like to thank you so much for such a warming introduction and fun filled few months. We are so sad to be leaving so soon… I have noticed a real improvement in Rose’s development. The care has been fantastic, Rose even mentions everyone’s names at home which is always lovely to hear.
Thank you once again, and if we could stay… we would…

All the best,”

Laura, Adam & Rose

“To everyone at Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge – Thank you all so much for being amazing and supporting Leela grow & develop into the beautiful character she is! We will miss you!!

Lots of Love ,”

Angelica, Lubos & Leela

“To everyone at Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge – Thank you for taking such good care of Teddy and for everything you did for us.. It really means a lot!

Lots of love,”

Jennifer, Dean and Teddy

“Dear All at Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge – Thanking you all for your kindness, care and love in looking after Kabir. I am sure he will truly miss each and every one of you.

Lots of Love”

Kabir, Kam, Sat & soon to join Baby Liv

“To Sukhy & John – Congratulations on your wonderful nursery. Its lovely and a real asset to the community! Wishing you every happiness & success for the future.

Many Thanks and Best Wishes,”

Tara, Joe, Mimi and Family

“To all the staff at Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge – We would like to thank you whole heartedly for the care you have provided for M during this unexpected & difficult time for us. We have been able to continue with our work knowing M is safe, happy and learning so much. I know she will carry memories of her short time there with her for a long time to come. I will recommend you nursery to as many people as I can, and only wish you provided school holiday care! J”

Sending love from L, D & M

“Dear John & Sukhy – Thank you for everything, Monkey Puzzle is a truly amazing place!
Lilly – Bella has flourished there so Thank you! Hope to be back again in the future!” Jacq & Seth

“To everyone at Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge – Daynam will miss everyone! He has had so much fun at nursery.
Thank you for caring and looking after him”

“To John & Sukhy – Thank you for having such a wonderful nursery setting that Mia has grown and flourished in. Your team has been nothing but excellent in making sure that Mia is “School ready”. We love you all so much and this is far from goodbye as we will pop in from time to time to see you all. Keep up the fabulous work! Once again thank you so much.

All our love”

Nova, Graham & Mia

“To all the team at Monkey Puzzle – Thank you for all your hard work with Flo.

Lots of Love ,” Flo & Jane

“Dear Monkey Puzzle – Thank you for my lovely birthday present & celebrating my birthday with me” With love from Emily

“Dear Laura, Becca, Alex, Ashley, Emily, Sarah & everyone at Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge! Thank you for being such amazing Teachers and helping me grow!

Lots of Love”

“Dear Sukhy & John and all the staff at Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge. You will be sorely missed by us all, especially Sohan. Hopefully our paths will cross again. Thank you for all your care and devotion towards Sohan. All the best” Nav & Navi

“I would just like to say that the Boys have really settled in so well and really love it now and I can walk away happy. The help we get from your staff is amazing from helping me out the door with the boys etc.

We think you are all FAB!!”

“Dear Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge

With great sadness, I am writing to inform you that Rose will be leaving soon. We were intending to stay for a while, but the perfect house came up, so we are potentially moving to St Albans in mid – late March. It’s really unfortunate timing for poor little Rose as she has really settled very quickly and everyone has been great. We are going to have to start the whole process again, at a nursery in St Albans, but fingers crossed we won’t be moving anywhere for at least 10 years now – so we can settle as a family.

Thank you for providing Rose with such great care over the last month or so, it really is a wonderful nursery.

Kindest regards,”

Adam, Laura and Rose

“To all at Monkey Puzzle,

Thank you all so much for Aariya’s card and present for her birthday. Vik and i were really touched. 🙂

You have all had a massive hand in her upbringing in the last few months..the lead up to her 1st birthday and we can really see the difference in her… 🙂

We both want to thank you for looking after our little girl like she was your own.

Kind Regards,”

Vik & Janita (plus the whole of our family who you see all the time!)

“Couldn’t ask for more! Best decision I made transferring to Monkey Puzzle! Wish I had done it sooner!  I know it’s a long time away but already dreading leaving and moving on!” Lisa (Mother of child)

“To Sukhy, John & all the Staff at Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge, Just to say a big thank you for looking after Sophia.” Jon & Gabriela Macalvins Ltd.

“Thank you for taking care of Riaan and all your support.” A.

“Thank you very much for my lovely Christmas present and First Birthday presents (book & puzzle). The handmade card by all my friends at nursery was great! Thank you all for making my time at nursery so much fun.” Jonah

“Just wanted to say a sincere thank you for all your efforts on settling my twins into your nursery. A very anxious time for any mother and father when your children are entrusted to other people, but you all have made this anxious time that much easier to handle. I hope they’ll continue to settle well and enjoy it has they have done! Thanks again.” B

“I have found the level of love, care and attention to both the child’s needs and those of the parent’s requests (parent in partnership) excellent! The children are learning so much everyday as I speak to Mia about what she has done. The facilities are excellent and the food is enjoyed by the children with emphasis on variety, from cous cous, risotto, stews, soups, curries and lots of fruit and vegetables to form a healthy varied diet.

The sports coaching completely tired out Mia at the end of the day but she absolutely loved it.I am so pleased that we have joined and that Mia is flourishing with excellent staff including in her room Alex, the room leader, Kevin and Gemma.

Keep up the amazing work you are all doing.” Nova

“To All the staff at Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge,

Just wanted to say thanks for getting Soph to make the badge and mug for me for Fathers Day. She was chuffed to give me the items and I was tickled and humbled to receive. So well done you guys and what a lovely thing to do 😉

Thank you.”

John S.

“To Sukhy & John,

Just a note to say thank you much for understanding our circumstances and running such a lovely nursery. M has been well looked after and we will miss seeing everyone. Wishing you every success.


L, J & M

“Deepa and staff…. Thank you so much for reassuring me this week. I feel so comfy leaving her at monkey puzzle.You are all awesome!! Thank you” Janita

“To all at Monkey Puzzle Uxbridge who have helped look after Naomi! Thank you so much for all the wonderful care you’ve given to Mimi. Monkey Puzzle is a wonderful place and I have been so impressed by your warmth, professionalism and care. Thanks for all you’ve done to help Mimi grow and learn. We’ll miss you!! Thanks and best wishes” Tara, Joe, Mimi and family xx

“I’m so sad that we’re leaving you. TE has enjoyed his time at Monkey Puzzle so much, and you’ve gone out of your way to accommodate him and to really get to know him. It’s so hard leaving your baby in a setting, but you have all made it easy for us, as we know that TE is safe and happy with you all. You have built such a lovely nursery and I will recommend you to people when I can.
We will really miss you all! Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to the whole team.
Thank you”